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Andon Electronics makes precision sockets used in the testing and board-level assembly of image sensors , optoelectronic and gas sensors , DC-DC converters , batteries ,
crystal oscillators, fuses, relays, and more.

Leading OEMs and contract manufacturers solder Andon sockets – not the devices –onto the PCB, to avoid:

  • Device damage from exposure to high temp solder, ESD, and cleaning solutions
  • Solder joint cracking and associated intermittency
  • The labor and PC board damage associated with desoldering a faulty device
  • Holding up PCB assembly until the devices arrive
  • Excessive heat and noise

    John O. Tate, Andon President, pioneered many of the innovative, high-reliability interconnects for military, aerospace and commercial applications that have become industry standards.  In 1965, he developed the stamped and formed multi-finger precision socket contact, which remains the preferred method throughout the world for connecting today’s critical components.

    Standard and custom sockets are available for a variety of package outlines including PGAs , BGAs , CLCCs PLCCs , TOs , DIPs , SIPs , LEDs , and more.

    NEW:   Andon's patented Heat Sink Sockets™ combine heat dissipation and noise reduction with the traditional benefits of using a socket.

    * Contact us for cross-references to numerous sensor brands

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